Preparing For Colonoscopy

If you are experiencing abdominal pain, rectal bleeding or chronic diarrhea. There can be many reasons for such problems and if you are new to know this, then the situation can be really painful and frustrating. Maybe all these problems may arise due to any intestinal infection or worst some serious disease like colon cancer. But an early diagnosis will help you to overcome it soon. Usually, in these situations, the doctors will recommend colonoscopy to reach a diagnosis. Colonoscopy is not a blood test or urine test that you can just be ready to go for it in a matter of hours or a day. At least you need to prepare yourself for colonoscopy minimum 7 days before otherwise, your results may not be accurate. To gain more knowledge about this colonoscopy you can click this page for such details.

The doctors will always share the plan for preparing yourself for the colonoscopy, also they will suggest you few things that can be used for preparation like

• Laxatives; The Doctor will prescribe your certain laxatives that are listed as OTC medicines. You can use these laxatives to keep the bowel clean.

• Moist Wipes; Using laxatives, will increase your bathroom trips. After a few trips using simple toilet roll may cause rashes or irritation in the rectum. The moist wipes will help to reduce such inflammation.

• Rash or Diaper Cream: Excessive diarrhea and wiping, may cause rash or inflammation in the area near the rectum. Using the cream will prevent further escalation in the skin condition.


Not only doctor prescribed medicines or products is not enough for colonoscopy. The most important thing, that you have to watch your diet before colonoscopy. SO that you can still be in a healthy condition before colonoscopy. As you will be using laxatives, at least 4-5 days before the colonoscopy, then using soft foods will help to keep your stomach light.

The following food is helpful;

• White bread or rice

• Cooked Vegetables without skin

• Lean meat

• Eggs

• Soft fruits like oranges, banana etc

Try to avoid hard diet like;

• Whole grain

• Nuts

• Fatty Meat

• Corn, broccoli, cabbage etc

The lighter your digest, it will be easy for you to digest and it will not stress your bowel

Day before Procedure

The day before the procedure, it is recommended that you shift to the liquid diet. The liquid diet may include juices like apple or grape. You can also use soda. You must keep yourself hydrated enough. It is better to avoid any type of processed food or drink. Also, avoid alcohol and drinks made of dairy liquid.

The night before your colonoscopy. Take a strong laxative, it will clear your digestive tract completely. You may have to drink a gallon of laxative, that is a very high dose and usually, the taste will not be good for you. Try to mix it with other liquids. During this process, you may feel nauseated or irritate, but keep yourself diverted to positive activities like watching television, reading a book, etc. Keeping your mind strong and positive, is also important for your health.